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Kreft's River Turtle (Emydura macquarii krefftii)

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Kreft's River Turtle

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Turtles for sale Melbourne Victoria. If you are wanting to buy a turtle in Melbourne then make sure you check out our Baby Turtle range. We have a large range of turtle species for sale as well as lots of turtle tanks on display at our Melbourne showroom. When buying a turtle make sure you have done your research as baby turtles require specific living conditions which include heating, UVB lighting and specific water conditions and diet to ensure the health and well being of your turtle.
Emydura macquarii krefftii.
This short-necked turtle is the only species of freshwater turtle east of the Great Dividing Range that has facial stripes, which are bright to pale yellow in colour and extend back from the eye to the ear (tympanum). The shell is deep and oblong-shaped, with an olive-brown to blackish-brown carapace and blueish-green tinged plastron underneath (a distinctive feature of this species). The average size is 250mm in shell length, but can reach 290mm. Females generally grow larger than males, and with age develop a deep shell with a highly domed carapace. A Basic wildlife licence is required to keep this species in Victoria.
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