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Stolen Birds CCTV Footage Please Watch
On Monday night 12th March 2012 we were broken into and had a Blue and Gold Macaw and an Eclectus parrot stolen. Please have a look at the CCTV footage.
Sold Out
Eclectus Parrots
Eclectus Parrots (Eclectus roratus) for sale in Melbourne Victoria. Eclectus are a wonderful pet bird that make for a great family pet. The male Eclectus Parrot is bright green except for red under the wings and a bright orange beak...
Blue and Gold Macaw
We have a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna) for sale in our Melbourne store. Blue and Gold Macaws are one of the larger species of Macaw and can grow to about 86cm in length. As well as their...
African Grey Parrot
African Grey Parrots for sale in our Melbourne store. The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) been donned with two nicknames. The first is the perfect mix of brains and beauty, and the second one is the Cadillac of Parrots. One...
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