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What do turtles eat

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What do turtles eat ?

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What do turtles eat?
Turtles eat a large range of foods and  diet is an extremely important part of a turtles overall health and well being. Below is a complete list of what Australian Turtles eat. Variety is the key to a turtles diet and we recommend at least 6 different foods which consists of frozen food, live food, live plants and pellets.

Live Food
Freshwater Yabbies / Crayfish (if feeding live, remove nippers)
Glass Shrimp
Freshwater Shrimp
Aquatic Insects, water bugs
Common Insects (chemical free ie: swatted flies)
Crickets and Woodies (suited for aquarium fish, must be chemical free)
Mosquito Larvae
Fish fillets (ask for freshwater fish, ie: freshwater whiting) - or, cleaned and soaked in freshwater to remove salt
Small prawns - barbs removed and soaked in freshwater to remove salt content
Earth Worms - cleaned in freshwater before feeding to remove dirt etc Silkworms

Frozen Foods
-Ocean Plankton
-Whole Fish
-Ocean Nutrition Turtle Food
-Shrimp (Gammarus)
-Hikari Bloodworm

-Hikari Cichlid Gold
-Nutrafin Turtle Pellets
-Exo Terra Pellets

Exo Terra Canned Foods

Live Plants
Elodea Common Oxygen weed available at almost all Aquarium stores (Good for Shortnecks)
Vallisneria (available in several variations - especially good for Shortnecks as a food type)
Ruffled Sword (Echinodorus martii )
Broad Chain Sword (Echinodorus quadracostatus)
Queen of Hearts (Echinodorus horizontalis)
Broad Amazon Sword (Echinodorus bhleri)
Amazon Sword (Echinodorus amazonicus)
Penny wort Green (Lysimachia nummumlaria)
Pennywort Gold (L.n.aurea)
Giant Milfoil (Myriophyllum scabratum)
Lake Water Milfoil (M. salsugineum)
Broad-leaved Milfoil (M.amphibium)
Mat watermilfoil (M.pedunculatum)
Egeria densa (looks like Elodea)
Hornwort (Ceratophillum demersum)
Cabomba (C.carolineana)
Stone wort or Musk grass (Chara fibrosa and Chara corallina)
Nitella congesta
Azolla (floating native fern)(Azolla pinnata)
Smooth Nardoo (Marsilea mutica)
Narrow leaf Nardoo (M.costulifera)
Common Nardoo (M. drummondii)
Short-fruit Nardoo (M.hirsuta)
Curled pondweed (Potamogeton crispus)
Blunt Pondweed (P.ochreatus)
Perfoliate Pondweed (P.perfoliatus)
Bronze Bacopa (Bacopa amplexicailis)
Laceplant (Aponogeton elongatus)
Qld Laceplant (A.queenslandicus)
Water Lettuce (Pistia stratioides)
Common Watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum)



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