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Hippocampus barbouri, Zebra-Nosed Seahorse)

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Hippocampus barbouri, (zebra-nosed seahorse) Seahorses for sale. A great word to describe these guys is…spiky. They have sharp, well-developed spines. All available are captive bred. Adults can grow as large as 15 cm, however at the time they leave the farm, they are usually 8-10 cm in length. Colour: Individuals may be white, yellow, pale orange and deep orange. This is influenced by their environment. When they dance together, they turn a pinkish-white colour, with a black ridge down the centre of their abdomen. The snout usually has attractive stripes and thin lines may also occur about the eyes. Natural habitat: This seahorse inhabits waters between Malaysia and the Philippines. Young - are born relatively large, and are benthic from birth (readily hold on to things with their tail), making them popular species of young to raise among aquarists. Aquarium requirements: Minimum size 50-L for a pair. Up to 4 pairs could be happily kept in a 3-foot (150-L) aquarium which has adequate biofiltration. Ammonia and nitrite – nil Nitrate: <20 ppm Ideal Temperature: 24-26 oC Salinity : 1.021 specific gravity pH : 8 to 8.3 Please call to confirm current stock

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