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Salinity Refractometer

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Salinity Refractometer

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Salinity Refractometer is designed for testing the concentration of salt water in Salt Water Marine Tanks and can also be used to check salt levels in brackish water tanks and turtle tanks. Its scale enables the direct determination of salinity in water that contains dissolved salt and little or no other dissolved solids.
Equipped with a scale measurement that provides direct reading and strong protective case.
Determines the amount of dissolved salt and dissolved solids
-Approved by strict quality and safety standards
-Durable and built to last long
-Heavy-duty and lightweight with its aluminum construction
-Easy to focus and calibrate
-Accurate testing results guaranteed
-Extremely easy-to-use and calibrate


Measuring Ranges: 0-100 ppt of NaCl and 1.000 to 1.070 Specific Gravity (0-10%)
Divisions:1 ppt / 0.001 Specific Gravity
Accuracy:±1 ppt / 0.001 Specific Gravity (±0.10%)
Length: 170 mm

Recommended levels:
Marine Tanks 1.023 -1.026

Brackish Water

Low salinity brackish water for things like Puffers and Knight Gobies 1.005 at 25 Celsius
Medium salinity brackish water for things like Scats and Monos 1.010 at 25 Celsius

Freshwater Australian Turtles
at salt rate 5g per Litre
1.006 at 26 Celsius
1.005 at 24 Celsius
1.004 at 22 Celsius

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