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Salamanders ( Morphed Axolotl)

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Salamanders ( Morphed Axolotl) for sale.
These are Axoltl that have been morphed into what we often call "salamanders"
The axolotl proper, Ambystoma mexicanum, is the charming but not-quite-right cousin within the salamander family. While very closely related to its kin, who decided that after going through a larval stage it was only proper to use their legs and walk about on land for at least some of the time, the axolotl remains — maybe due to harsh terrestrial conditions while they were evolving, maybe due to a lack of iodine in their diet leaving them unable to produce thyroxin — in a neotenous state very similar to the larval stages of salamanders. They develop lungs, with which they occasionally take the sly puff of contraband air, and become sexually mature in this state, but they retain larval traits like a tailfin and frilly gill-stalks. Sadly, some confusion occurs in the (older) literature about the difference between axolotls and salamander larvae, with "axolotl" being overloaded to apply to both.

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