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Pond Fogger Smoke Machine Mist Maker

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Pond Fogger Large Aquarium Mist Maker

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Pond Fogger
This pond mist maker or also referred to as a ultrasonic fogger and is used to work like a smoke machine and create a layer of fog over the surface of the water. This one is the largest of our units and comes with a heavy duty transformer. Electronic mist/fog-maker for ponds and water gardens -Emits mist and fog over water's surface -2 X LED lights illuminate the fog -Includes 7.5 metre cord with outdoor transformer -1 x Floating ring to hold unit in correct position The Mist Maker utilises electrical oscillation at ultrasonic frequencies, the ceramic changes electrical oscillation into mechanical oscillation which creates the mist and water spray that rises out of virtually any water container or vessel. These cloudlike formations accentuate any environment while adding beneficial negative ions to the air. The negative ions help to freshen the air, as a humidifier it adds moisture to dry environments. As an ioniser, it will clean the air. Adding essential oils to the water it becomes an Aromatherapy Diffuser. . . The mist is ideal for plants, adding healthy moisture to any dry environment. The Mist Maker unit uses no chemicals, no dry ice and no heat. It’s a cool safe mist that just uses normal water. Good for outdoor ponds or large fish tanks and aquariums. We have a range of different size mist makers/foggers available for sale. Replacement Fogger Disks are also available from our store.

Video below is of the smaller three disk fogger unit.

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