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Cyclodomorphus gerrardii

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Pink Tongue Skinks

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Pink Tongue Skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii)
Pink-tongues grow to about 30 cm. Juveniles are very conspicuously coloured with striking black and cream bands. The colour pattern of the adults varies. The body is usually grey to fawn or brown with a series of dark brown of black bands. In some individuals these are absent or may be reduced to bands of spots.
Pink-tongues are live-bearers, producing litters of between 20 and 25 young. Their main diet is snails, but they also eat insects and small arthropods. Captive animals will take fruit. Pink-tongues often occur in the same areas as blue- tongues, but as a rule they prefer moister habitats. They live in rainforests, wet sclerophyll forests, monsoon forests and open forests of coastal Queensland and northern New South Wales.
Pink-tongued Skinks are mainly active during twilight and after dark. They are quite common in suburbia, but are encountered less frequently than blue-tongues.
Note: We can can freight Pink Tongue Skinks to airports serviced by Australian Air Express. All relative import/export paperwork will need to be done if applicable.Please contact us for freight costs and further information.Due to the high turnover of livestock it is advisable to call us to check current availability.
Please note prices may vary subject to the age, sex and colour of this species.

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