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Broad Shelled Turtle

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Broad Shelled Turtle

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We have a large range of baby turtles for sale Melbourne Victoria.We stock a large range of Australian Turtles.
Our most common phone call is do you have baby terrapins for sale. Baby Terrapins have never been legal in Australia and were mostly Shortneck Turtles, Longneck Turtles and Mary River Turtles that were just referred to as Terrapins.Penny turtles for sale is another phrase used and there is no such thing as a Penny Turtle. Do you have Baby Tortoises for sale and although the wildlife schedule in Victoria states some species as Tortoise, all Australian species are Turtles.

The Broad Shell Turtle(Chelodina expansa) is the largest of all Australian long-necked turtles. The carapace can reach almost 50cm and with the neck fully extended, the adult female can reach up to 85cm tail tip to snout!
Macrochelodina expansa is distributed in southeastern Australia west of the Great Dividing Range. It is found throughout the Murray-Darling drainage to the south of Murray River in Victoria. It extends well into the Goulburn River. The distribution overlaps that of C. longicollis in places. It inhabits lagoons, lakes, rivers and swamps and other permanent boddies of fresh water, such as water holes. The carapace is light olive-green to brown and the Plastron is bone-coloured.
Turtles require a solid commitment, because they can live 30 years+, require a very specific living environment which includes UVB lighting, heating, water conditioning and correct diet.


Note: We can can freight Broad Shell Turtles to airports serviced by Australian Air Express. All relative import/export paperwork will need to be done if applicable.Please contact us for freight costs and further information.Due to the high turnover of livestock it is advisable to call us to check current availability.

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