What  are Sea Monkeys? Caring for Sea Monkeys

Sea-Monkeys® are a unique species of brine shrimp, known by the scientific name of Artemia NYOS. We not only unlocked the most elusive secrets of their life cycle, we created new formulas to keep them alive under conditions found in the average home—an accomplishment never before achieved! Finally, after years of crossbreeding, we developed a hybrid. These amazing new hybrids grow larger and live longer than any "natural" variety of brine shrimp. Resulting from the most exquisitely sophisticated “aquaculture technology”, by true pioneers in this science, only the utmost resources of a leading marine biological research center working for a span of many years has made this project a complete success. Click link at bottom of page for Sea Monkey Aquariums / Tanks available.




Packet No. 1 Water Purifier

Packet No.1 is a "one time" formula. This means that it is needed just once-to start the "system," and is never again used. It "conditions" the water so that when Packet No.2 "instant Life"® is added, you will see your Sea-Monkeys® hatch alive! Besides its vital "role" in the actual production of live Sea-Monkeys, "Water Purifier" neutralizes the poisonous metal oxides like Copper Oxide (that comes from copper plumbing) and other harmful elements such as chlorine and fluoride (both of which are known aquarium "killers" present in most city water sources). This is why we strongly suggest using bottled or "spring" water instead of "tap" water from your sink. However, if you cannot afford it, or if bottled water is not available, boil the tap water, and let it stand overnight before using it. This reduces the contamination and amount of impurities. "Water Purifier," when added, will "clean up" the rest of the dangerous toxic substances.

Instructions for using packet No.1:
1. Fill up your tank with 10 oz or 300cc of bottled water.
2. Empty the entire content of Packet No. 1. Stir for one minute or until powder has dissolved.
3. Wait for 24 hours before adding Packet No. 2

Packet No. 2-"instant Life"®

Now you are ready to witness a true miracle of life. The Magical Moment when you empty Packet No. 2 into your tank and watch in amazement as your Sea-Monkeys hatch right before your eyes.
1. Empty the entire content of Packet No. 2 into the purified water.
2. Stir gently (as not to damage the hatching eggs), for about one minute using the Aqua-Leash™ or a plastic spoon. Place a strong light behind the container, or lift the container to light source such as a sunny window or a table lamp. Now, while the water is still swirling from your stirring, observe it closely and you will see tiny white "dots" that are struggling to swim against the direction of the current. These "dots" are your newly hatched live baby Sea-Monkeys! If you didn't see it actually happen, could you ever have believed such a wonderful thing was possible? Without a doubt, here is a true case of "science fiction" becoming "science fact"! Newly hatched Sea-Monkeys are no larger than the "period" at the end of this sentence. As they mature they will not only change their shape and appearance, they will grow incredibly larger than their size at the moment of birth. By comparison, if human babies grew so many times larger, you might be 200 feet tall. Because they double in size in only one day, they will be easier to find the next day. Because all of the Sea-Monkeys don't hatch at the same time, you will see even more of them the second day. Within three days, all of the Sea-Monkey eggs that are going to hatch will have hatched.


Packet No. 3 "Growth Food"

Sea-Monkeys must only be fed the provided food or vitamins. These nutrients were developed after a study of their special needs. Never feed them "fish-food" or any other kind of food or "pet food." They simply can not live on anything other than these special foods. With a diet of our Sea-Monkey foods, your pets will grow to their maximum size, remain strong and frisky, and live a long time.

Feeding Techniques:

1. Start feeding your Sea-Monkeys with the small end of the calibrated feeding spoon on the 5th day after you start the tank. Special micronized food is pre-mixed with the "instant-life" formula to carry your pets through the first 4 days after birth. Because they are so tiny when newly hatched, they will only be able to eat the food that is in the formula. Adding extra food will feed harmless microbes that multiply rapidly and consume the oxygen in the water, suffocating your pets. The formula in Packet No. 2 has carefully been structured to guard against this occurrence.
2. Always measure the amount of food you feed your pets with the calibrated feeding spoon included in every packet. All feedings are made with level scoops only. Use the small scoop for feeding your Sea-Monkeys. Healthy adult Sea-Monkeys will have a dark streak running the length of their bodies. This indicates that they are eating properly and have a full "gut". If the water becomes cloudy, do not feed again until it turns clear. Cloudy water indicates that there is too much uneaten food in the water. The water will become clear again once the Sea-Monkeys have eaten up all the food.

Sea Monkey Tanks Available HERE

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