(Christinus marmoratus)

Marbled Geckos are actually quite common in some parts of Melbourne, but people rarely see them because they are nocturnal. You’re most likely to find them between pieces of wood in your garden, in your roof or even indoors behind a picture frame.

The Marbled Gecko is a small, soft bellied lizard, up to 150mm long. It is easily identified by its large finger and toe pads which spread out to grasp slippery or soft surface. It lacks moveable eyelids and uses its tongue to keep its eyes clean. It is insectivorous by nature but will eat anything small enough to fit in its mouth. In Summer, females usually lay one clutch, containing two eggs at a time. 


Marbled Geckos are a really easy lizard to house as they are nocturnal and require no heat or lighting. In the really cold parts of southern Victoria a heat pad or heat cord covering no more than 1/3 of the base can be used through the colder months in order to keep them more active.  Make sure they are placed in a well lit room if not using a light on top so a night/day simulation can be achieved. As they are a small gecko a small enclosure is suitable for this gecko. The minimum size would be our 45cm reptile cage and pretty much any of our terrariums around this size or larger would be suitable. Kritter Crumble is an excellent substrate to use for Marbled Geckos as it will allow them to burrow into it. Other pieces of rock and or wood should be placed around the enclosure to give them lots of places to hide.  A small shallow water bowl is recommended and a regular light spraying of water is also beneficial as they are more prone to lick water of a piece of wood or rock rather than drink from a bowl.


Marbled Geckos diet consists of mainly small crickets and flies. When younger they must be fed every day and as adults every other day is fine. Wax worms and small Silkworms can be offered when available. Crickets should be dusted with multivitamin and calcium powder on a weekly basis.

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