Flinders Ranges Scorpion (Urodacus elongatus)

This scorpion lives in gullies and hillsides within the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. This is one of the largest scorpions in Australia with males growing in excess of 100mm from mouth to tip of sting. The females are generally a bit shorter although more robust. As with most species of Urodacus, mating and molting occurs in the early stages of the arriving warm weather and progeny are born in later summer, early autumn.


Flinders Ranges Scorpions scorpions are best housed by themselves in a small terrarium. Our reptile terrariums and Exo Terra range of terrariums are an ideal enclosure as they have fully ventilated lids which allows for good air circulation.  They do not need to be very high but should be 30- 45cm in length.As we recommend housing this species alone having a cage that is tooarge is a waste of space.

For substrate we recommend Kritters Crumble or Red Desert Sand.  Your substrate should be 100mm to 150mmm thick and will need to be sprayed with water reugularly to ensure it does not dry out.  Another good way to keep the substrate moist is to place a piece of 20mm PVC pipe upright in the back of your cage.  This should be cut to a length to enable it to go from the bottom of your tank and high enough so your scorpions cannot fall in. 

Keeping water in this pipe, diffusion will follow the negative water gradient upwards into the drier substrate, mimicking that which occurs in the natural environment.   As water evaporates away from ground level, more water will be drawn up into the substrate creating the necessary varying humidity levels this species needs.  One rock in enclosure is sufficient for this scorpion to house itself under.


In the southern cooler states Flinders Ranges scorpions will need to be heated.  This is best achieved by way of using a heat cord or heat pad to cover a portion of the base of the cage.

Only 1/3 of the enclosure should be covered by your heat source to ensure that your scorpions do not overheat.  20 - 30 celcius is a good temperature gradient to aim for. 


One to two crickets should be left roaming the base of the enclosure for your scorpions to eat at all times.  Do not put too many crickets in at the same time as they can annoy your scorpion, especially when shedding.

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