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Water Volume claculator
Instructions for use:

Step 1 - Choose the Tank Shape. Select Rectangular, Cube, Corner, Cylinder or Half Cylinder then click the "Update" button.

Step 2 - Enter the Internal measurements of your aquarium in centimetres into the corresponding blank boxes provided as per the illustration. Make sure you enter the actual water depth and NOT the aquarium glass height.

Step 3 - Check the volume of your external canister filter or sump - sometimes located in the user manual. If it's not available, search online for the filters' water volume or use a measuring jug or bucket to fill it to maximum capacity with all of the filter media in place. Empty the filter into a measuring container and enter the amount of water the filter holds in the 'Filter Volume' box.

If you are using a sump, use the Aquarium Volume Calculator first to measure the water volume of the sump, then repeat the process for the Aquarium entering the measurements into the corresponding boxes including the sumps 'Filter Volume' in Litres.

If you are using an internal aquarium filter, leave the Filter Volume box with the default '0' entered also.

Step 4 - Click on 'What's the volume?' This will give you your total aquarium and filter water volume in Litres.

Step 5 - Scroll down to see the total volume in litres plus how much of each product is required for your tank.


Water Depth
Filter Volume
(Enter 0 if you have an internal filter)
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