Diamond Pythons are a wonderful pet snake to own with a fantastic docile personality.  They are one of our biggest selling snakes as they very rarely bite and look stunning.  We carry one of the largest range of Diamonds anywhere in Australia with juvenile right through to Adults usually available.


Diamond Pythons need to be housed a little bit different to other pythons, as they are from a colder climate naturally in the wild.  As with all other snakes they need a thermostatically controlled environment, and the most common is a wooden enclosure with sliding glass.

The main difference when housing a Diamond Python is they MUST have the availability of a cool area to retreat to.  Taller enclosures are the preferred option, as this allows them to move to the bottom of the cage so they can move to a really cool spot when they want.  They like to climb, so are suited to this type of enclosure.

With enclosures that are 2 feet high (600mm) or less, we recommend having the heat lamps turned off for 6-10 hours per day for Diamonds that are 18 months or older, depending on what climate you live in.  Terrariums can also be used for this particular python even in the cooler states.


A warm end of around 32 Celsius with a cool end below 24 Celsius is optimal.  As juveniles we like to keep them around 30 celsius, but as they get older an average temperature of 26-28 Celsius is recommended.

Infra red or ceramic globes are the best to use in conjunction with your thermostat, as they do not see either of these lights and will enable you to have them on for longer than your normal daylight cycle.


Unlike other pythons, we strongly recommend the use of a quality 5.0 UVB tube for these particular species of snake.  Although unproven, we and many other experts in the field agree that they do a lot better in captivity when using these globes.

Your UVB light should be on and off for 12 hours per day.  Your UVB globe should be replaced every 6 months as the UVB output will be diminished after this period of time.


As juveniles they need to be fed once per week, and they will take larger food like weaner mice more readily than pinkies and fuzzies. Once they reach one year of age, food should only be offered once every second week, and as adults every 2-3 weeks.  Unlike other pythons, Diamonds do better as a lean animal
and should never look large and overweight.


Diamond Pythons really are a fantastic snake and come in lots of different colours and patterns.  They are great to handle and great for kids, because of their extremely calm nature.  With the right care and housing they can live up to 20 years of age and
will grow to around 8ft.

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