Black Headed Pythons are an amazing looking snake due to mainly their jet black head.  They grow to a large snake between 8-10 feet.  Generally quite calm by nature, but seem to be a bit jumpier sometimes when handled.


As they grow to a large python, they will need a large cage as an adult.  The minimum size cage would be 4x2x2.  Adults would be best suited in a 6x2x2 or larger. They are a non arboreal species that prefers to stay on or around the ground, so a longer, wider enclosure is more suitable than a high one.

Thermostatically controlled timber cages are the recommended especially in the southern states.


Black Headed Pythons come from a warm climate, so they will need a good heat source.   As with all snakes a good temperature gradient need to be achieved.
35-36 Celsius and the warm end 28-29 Celsius at the cool end is a gradient to aim for.  Ceramic and or Infra Red globes are the best way to achieve this, and
must be hooked up to a thermostat to ensure that you do not overheat them.


A day night cycle should be given of around 14 hours on and 10 hours off.  Although not needed the use of a 5.0 UVB globe can have a positive effect on these animals.  Cages should be placed around all daylights and heat lamps to stop breakage and so that your python cannot injure itself.


In the wild,  Black Heads usually feed on other reptiles, so they can be one that is a bit tricky to get eating frozen rodents at first.  They should be fed every 7
days an equivalent size rodent that is 1-1.5 times the thickness of the middle part of their body.  Unlike most other pythons, they will not always strike at their
food so just leaving food on the bottom of the cage is a common practice.


Black Headed Pythons make for a wonderful pet snake and always have that wow factor,as they have that venomous snake look about them.  We the proper
housing, heating and lighting they can live for around 20 years.

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