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Mudskippers for sale
Mudskippers are found in Australia, eastern Africa, India, South Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. There are many different kinds, but all have special body bits to help them live an amphibious lifestyle. The one you are most likely to glimpse
around the Top End is the Silver-lined or Barred Mudskipper, Periophthalmus argentilineatus. It is one of the most common, widespread and well known of all the species worldwide.
Mudskippers are fish adapted to breathe air instead of water with their gills, with special blood vessels inside their mouth and through their thin skin. While the soft mud flats are exposed they live around their deep burrows dug by themselves or mantis shrimps, hiding in the burrows if seagulls or other birds come too close. Occasionally they dip into the water-filled holes to wet their gills and scaleless skin. Mudskippers use their specially shaped side fins to hold them upright on the mud and to walk across the mud. They can jump using their tail and move rapidly over the soft, wet mud.

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