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Macleay River Turtles

Macleay River Turtle

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We have Macleay River Turtles for sale Melbourne Victoria

We have a large range of baby turtles for sale Melbourne Victoria. We stock a large range of Australian Turtles. Our most common phone call is do you have baby terrapins for sale.  Baby Terrapins have never been legal in Australia and were mostly Shortneck Turtles, Longneck Turtles and Mary River Turtles that were just referred to as Terrapins.  Penny turtles for sale is another phrase used and there is no such thing as a Penny Turtle.Do you have Baby Tortoises for sale and although the wildlife schedule in Victoria states some species as Tortoise, all Australian species are Turtles. The Macleay River Turtle (Emydura macquarii dharra) is found in the clear, sandy bottomed Macleay and Hasting Rivers on the south eastern coast of Australia between Brisbane and Sydney. It was given the name "Dharra" by the Aboriginal people who inhabit this species' range. Like many Australian turtles, Emydura macquarii is an excellent swimmer, doing much of it's hunting and feeding in or under water.This very rare turtle readily eats anything it can catch, from small crustaceans and terrestrial insects to some water plants.The largest recorded size was an 18.5cm Female but in captivity around 15cm is about average maximum size. A very popular Turtle as it only grows to less than half the size of its close relative the Murray Turtle (Emydura macquarii macquarii).

Basic requirements for keeping a turtle are.

-A basking area usually by way of a Turtle Bank or Turtle Dock

-10% UVB good quality Fluorescent or Compact 10.0

-Basking Lamp over your dry area such as a Swamp Glo 50w. You can also use the Red 40w Heat Lamp or Blue 40w Heat Lamp if using a Compact Top



-Turtle Salts

-Heater in water set at 22-26 Celsius depending on what species you are keeping

-Quality Internal or Canister filter depending on what size tank you have

-Good diet with a variety of turtle foods

-Full turtle care sheet ilocated at additional info at bottom of page


This species of turtle especially, require a solid commitment, because they can live 30 years+, require a very specific living environment which includes UVB lighting,heating,water conditioning and correct diet. Note: We can can freight livestock to airports serviced by Australian Air Express. All relative import/export paperwork will need to be done if applicable. Please contact us for freight costs and further information. Due to the high turnover of livestock it is advisable to call us to check current availability.

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