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Laguna PowerFlo 5000 - Giant Pond Skimmer Filter Unit

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Laguna PowerFlo 5000 - Giant Pond Skimmer Filter Unit

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Laguna PowerFlo 5000 - Giant Pond Skimmer Filter Unit

The Laguna Powerflo 5000 is a heavy-duty surface skimming filter features 3 large capacity chambers that can accommodate special filter pads as well as biological and chemical filtering media. All chambers include a handle for easy removal and cleaning. The first chamber is super-sized and designed to collect leaves and large debris skimmed from the surface of the pond. The skimmer leaf basket makes cleaning a snap. The second and third baskets can be used for a custom configuration of mechanical and biological filter media. As water flows through the chambers, it is thoroughly cleansed and filtered. The result is clean and healthy pond water for fish and plants to thrive in.

The Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer Filter is a high performance surface skimming filter that provides the ultimate water management solution for large ponds up to 5,000 US gallons. Other features include a self-adjusting floating door that helps prevent fish from being drawn inside, ample space for pump installation, a winterizing and water drain, and heavy-duty construction with reinforced lid.

  • Ample space for skimmer pump installation.

  • Innovative design allows you to choose between a vertical filter mat or filter brushes.

  • Skimmers have a removable center divider, this creates two chambers in the skimmer box – one for filtering and one for the pump. Pumps can be inspected or removed without removing mesh net or filter pad.

  • Skimmers add a professional touch to any pond installation by providing an ideal place to hide the pump from view. Internal filters inside the skimmer prevent the pump from plugging and are easy to clean.

  • Pro-Series Skimmers have a one piece debris net that’s three times heavier than our competition’s. Plus a flange above the opening where water enters from the pond into the skimmer. This allows you to not only stack rocks along side the opening but also above the skimmer opening. This makers our skimmers the most natural looking and easiest to hide.

  • One piece design keeps mesh in place and is easier to clean.

  • Two chamber design means no more cutting filter pads to fit around the pump or plumbing.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer Filter

  • 1 x Course Mechanical filter pad

  • 1 x Batch of Laguna Biospheres

  • 1 x Filter media

  • 1 x Instruction manual

  • Pond Size: Up to 18,925 litres

  • Pump Maximum Flow Rate: 2900 GPH

  • Media: 3 Large media chambers; Includes 1 Course pad and Laguna Biospheres media

  • Filter Dimensions (LxWxH): 87.63cm x 54.61cm x 50.8cm

  • Express Only No
    Caresheet No
    Manufacturer Link http://www.lagunaponds.com

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