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Kuda Seahorses

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Kuda Seahorses

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Kuda Seahorses also called Asian Emperors: Hippocampus kuda (yellow seahorse). Captive bred seahorses. We have Seahorses and Seahorse tanks for sale. Popular tropical seahorses for home aquarium, Asian Emperors are graceful fish. Each seahorse will enjoy gliding through the aquarium, especially at dawn. They can grow to 20 cm in length, however they are usually between 8-11 cm at the time the leave the farm. They attain sexual maturity at approximately 7cm in length. Colours: Various individuals are often black, with white striations and a grainy texture. May also be orange or yellow. Some extraordinary individuals are known to be yellow with red spots. Natural habitat: Inhabit waters of the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Japan, far northern Australia & Papua New Guinea, Caribbean and the straits of Florida. Aquarium requirements: Minimum size 50-L for a pair. Up to 3 pairs could be happily kept in a 3-foot (150-L) aquarium which has adequate biofiltration. Ammonia and nitrite: – nil Nitrate: <20 ppm Ideal Temperature: 24-26 oC Salinity: 1.021 specific gravity pH: 8 to 8.3 Please call for current availability

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