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Golden Tree Snake

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Golden Tree Snakes

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Availability: Out of stock

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Golden Tree Snakes (Dendrelaphis punctulata) for sale in Melbourne
These are a stunning colour phase of the Common Tree Snake. Availability of these is always very scarce so be sure to check what we have available. We also sell Blue Green Tree Snakes and Green Tree Snakes when available.
Golden Tree Snakes have a sleek slender body with long, very thin tail. They have a distinctive ridge that extends along outer edges of belly making shed skins easily identifiable.Common Tree Snakes come in wide colour ranges from green, olive, brown & black to rare blue-grey on upper body. Their belly is yellow or creamy, with bright yellow colouring present on throat. Some specimens have a blue or grey belly but generally maintain the yellow coloration above the ventral ridges. Green Tree Snakes skin between the scales when spread shows as a light sky blue especially after consuming a meal larger than its body diameter or when defensive. Their eyes appear large comparative to head. They usually grow to around 2 metres in length but have been recorded as large as 2 metres. Golden tree snakes are non-venomous and bite infrequently. They can emits a strong odor from the cloaca if handled firmly.
Note: We can can freight Golden Tree Snakes to airports serviced by Australian Air Express. All relative import/export paperwork will need to be done if applicable.Please contact us for freight costs and further information.Due to the high turnover of livestock it is advisable to call us to check current availability.

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