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Giant Panda Snail

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Giant Panda Snail

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Giant Panda Snail
This native snail species is quite large, its shell reaching a diameter of up to 90-100mm mm. The shell ranges from a tawny yellow to dark brown base-colour with many black spiral bands and a dark area behind the outer lip. Being quite rounded in shape, it also has an elevated spire and a bluish black lip.
The animal is a dark grey to brown colour with a grey mantle.This large snail can be found sub-tropical rainforest where it forages in the leaf litter of the forest floor. Like other snails it is more active during and after rain to prevent water loss from its soft body.
This species will shelter under tree roots and logs but also within the leaf litter in forest clearings. The Giant Panda Snail has never been recorded climbing higher than 50cm above the ground.
They require a glass terrarium with a substrate that can be burrowed into such as Kritter Crumble. They need a humid (not wet) environment and kept at around 25 Celsius. A heat source may be required in the cooler states via way of heat pad or cord. They need to be fed on vegetables such as mushrooms and fish food for additional nutrition.

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