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Frilled Neck Lizard

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Frilled Neck Lizard

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Frilled Neck Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii) The frill-necked lizard is the lizard emblem of Australia, and has a distinctive neck frill which it raises when threatened to make itself seem bigger and presumably more frightening. It will also use this prey to display itself during courtship. They're known for the distinctive run they perform on their hind legs when escaping predators which has earned them the name 'bicycle lizard.' They are very territorial and will defend their territory via hissing (displaying a white gape), neck frill displays and rising on their hind legs. The frilled-neck lizard is quite arboreal, spending most of its time in trees. They are quite large, and can sometimes grow up to one metre in length. They consume arthropods, insects and other small vertebrates. It is thought that the frill can also be used as a 'parachute' when jumping off burning trees during a bushfire, and for thermoregulation. Note: These lizards are currently on advanced license in Victoria so we are unable to sell them from our store.

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