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Blotched Blue tongue Lizards for sale

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Blotched Blue Tongue Lizards

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We have Blotched Blue tongue lizards for sale in Melbourne/Victoria.
The Blotched Blue-tongued lizard (Tiliqua nigrolutea). They feed on slow-moving invertebrates and plant material. Some people are lucky enough to have these lizards in their gardens.

Description:Unlikely to be mistaken for any other species(except other Bluetongue sub species). A heavy-bodied, short-limbed species with a short, tapering tail. The head is large and distinct from the neck, and the face is usually cream to orange in colour. The body pattern usually consists of paler bands or blotches on a dark background. Blotched Blue-tongues in Tasmania grow to a head and body length of about 30 cm, the tail is about 12-15 cm long. Males usually have a relatively shorter body and broader head than females. These lizards get their name from the broad, blue tongue which is extended during the threat display, and constantly flicked out while the lizard is hunting.

Ecology: Omnivorous, fond of flowers, fungi, strawberries and snails. Blue-tongues are also partial to tinned dog and cat food and are sometimes found helping themselves to the breakfast of more domestic animals. Shelters under dense vegetation, leaf litter, in hollow logs or under piles of debris. Drain pipes are used by Blue-tongues for shelter in many suburban backyards. This species overwinters in deep litter, crevices or hollow logs. This species has been recorded living for twenty years in captivity. Blotched Blue-tongue Lizards do not have a venomous bite, but they are capable of biting very hard.
Note: We can can freight Blue tongue lizards to airports serviced by Australian Air Express. All relative import/export paperwork will need to be done if applicable.Please contact us for freight costs and further information.Due to the high turnover of livestock it is advisable to call us to check current availability.
Please note prices may vary subject to the age, sex and colour of this species.

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