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Albino Short Neck Turtles

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Albino Murray River Turtles

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Albino Murray River Turtles (Emydura macquarii)
These are a very rare colour morph / colour variation, with only a few specimens that can be found anywhere in the world!
Albino turtles should be provided with a lower output UVB producing fluorescent tube (no higher than a 5.0 /5% UVB) otherwise damage to their eyes may occur. Mercury Vapour lamps should not be used under any circumstances.
Albino turtles also need to be fed a wide variety of live foods and aquatic plants, but most importantly, good quality turtle pellets/sticks that are high in Calcium and vitamin D3. Higher doses of calcium and vitamin D3 will help to overcome the effectiveness of the lower UVB rays provided by the weaker 5.0 fluorescent light.
River sand and Calgrit, which is high in calcium and trace elements, is thoroughly recommended as the substrate mixture in an albino turtles' tank. The Calgrit will help to prevent soft shell disease / metabolic bone disease. Turtle salts should also be added to the water to prevent skin infection and promote general well-being.
As per Australian legislation, turtles CANNOT be sent overseas.

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