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Affinity Half Moon Mocha Weave Pond

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Affinity Half Moon Mocha Weave Pond 336 Litres

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Affinity Half Moon Mocha Weave Pond 336 Litres

Affinity Living Feature FIsh Ponds are a stylish and unique raised living water feature pool available in a variety of styles. Affinity Living Fish Ponds introduce a fresh dimension to any garden, patio or deck.

Made by a leading UK water garden brand; Blagdon – with over fifty years experience in fish keeping and water gardening. If the thought of sitting in the summer sun against a backdrop of flowing water, the buzz of dragon flies and watching fish peacefully swim through dappled water appeals to you, achieving this dream has suddenly become a great deal easier. Three fountain features are included, the Daisy Jet, Super Daisy and Bell Jet. The Mocha Weave textiled pond wall with viewing windows and automatic night time LED illumination extends the enjoyment of your water feature.

  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of water in the garden

  • Fun and educational

  • Attracts a variety of wildlife

  • Shatterproof PVC viewing windows

  • Plant basket allows you to add plants

  • The ‘Life support system’ moves and cleans the water

  • Enjoy the pond’s features, day and night and throughout the seasons


  • Weave panels in Mocha colour

  • Brushed, adonised aluminium rails in Black

  • Low voltage pump & filter with 5w UVC - see below

  • Automatic night-time LED spotlight

  • Fibre reinforced liner

  • Liner underlay

  • 3 x Shatter proof viewing windows

  • 2 x planting basket

  • 3 x fountain heads

  • 1 x waterfall

  • Step-by-step set up guide


61cm (H) x 103cm (W) x 73cm (D) - 336L water


A complete ‘life support system’ with decorative fountain features. It includes a pump, filter, 5w UVC and automatic night time LED - clear water guaranteed.

  • Pump: For water movement through the filter and to the waterfall and/or fountain

  • Filter: To clean the water and create a healthy environment for aquatic life

  • 5w UVC: Guaranteed to clear ‘green water’ algae

  • LED light: To enhance and extend the enjoyment of your feature pool.

Blagdon Inpond 5 in 1 3000 Features

  • 12 Volt low voltage

  • Pump 10 Watts

  • LED 0.76 Watts

  • 700 L/hr

  • Max Head 1.25m

  • 10m low voltage cable

  • 3m Main Cable to Transformer

  • CE approved IP68

  • Transformer is outdoor weatherproof to IP68

  • Two year guarantee

UVC - separate 240V cable - optional use for UV Clarifier

  • UV lamp - 5W

  • 10 metre cable

  • CE approved IP68


Everything is included in the kit so you will be up and running in just a couple of hours. The pond is very simple to build. Fit the panels together, screw in the liner, place on the underlay in the correct position, add the Inpond and Tapsafe, then fill.

  • High quality Weave

  • Rust-proof aluminium frame

  • Fibre reinforced liner

  • Stainless steel screws

Ideal for many locations:

  • Gardens, courtyards, patios and deck

  • Can go on: bark chip, gravel or soil.

  • Just needs a solid, stable and level surface

  • Cable reach – 10 metres low voltage, weatherproof transformer, 3 metres mains cable

  • No digging, no soil, no mess!

  • Easy to fill straight from a hose

  • 3 Year Guarantee

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